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A site to see movies that aren't out yet?

its a site where you see all these movies that arent out
the site is like or soemthing
I have no ideaaa but its not working
can someone help me :)


Star Symbols on keyboard?

How to make the star symbols for a social site like you make the ♥ ???


How do you connect two pictures together?

How do I connect to pictures together? Like I mean on the interntet if I have pictures & I want 2 to be in one like a photo booth or sumthin, well how do I do it?


How do I get my boyfriend's passwords?

I need to get in to my boyfriend a social site or yahoo e-mail I think he's talking to my cousin can someone help!!!


How safe are keyloggers?

Hello there,
I have a thirteen year old cousin who is a little know-it-all. I am concerned that she is talking to the wrong kind of people on some sites: a social site or a social site or even AIM. She is extremely gorgeous and looks much older. I am ...


what internet history shows up on phone bill?

I use a social site on my phone and lets just say my dads REALY strict about no a social site.but my moms ok wit it my dad just doesnt no :/
anywy will my phone bill (I have an AT&T xenon) show what websites I visited??


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