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Itune wont sync playlist

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iTunes Playlists

how do I make playlists in iTunes


How do I sync music from iTunes onto DoubleTwist on my Android Tablet?

It says "use DoubleTwist on your Mac or PC to sync music to your device"
How do I do this?
DoubleTwist is an app I downloaded


Project Playlist deleting playlists

on project playlist is it possible to delete your playlists?
if so, how?


Why woon't my ipod sync my music from itunes?

My Ipod touch 3rd generation won't sync my music from Itunes anymore. ALso I alreaddy Restored it to factor settings. and it still won't sync.

Why is this happening? ANd what can I do to fix it?


How do you sync your iPhone to a new iTunes account without erasing data off your phone?

I can add the new music but it says it will erase my existing tunes! thats a big NO! Help please? :)


How can ipod to sync again to itunes?

I have an 80gb which I cant sync to itunes, it worked fin before but now it starts syncing and then it gives me and \"error 50 or 69\". I have tried restoring but I keep having the same problem. all software is up to date. HELP! PLEASE!!!


How do I get the free YouTube converter to stop making a new playlist on iTunes?

I downloaded a free program called the free youtube converter. It converts music on youtube into Mp3 form so you can put it on itunes and then you are able to sync songs to your ipod. But every time I download a song it makes a new playlist on itunes ...


Syncing Someone Else's iPod on My iTunes

Will I still be able to keep the exact same songs I have on my iPod,cause at the moment I'm putting songs on my friends' iPod,will it effect my iPod in anyway shape or form?


how do you put music on iTunes?

how do you put music on iTunes?


Why won't my ipod nano sync playlists?

My ipod no longer sync playlists from itunes. I have the second generation ipod nano and people always tell me to click restore or refresh but the thing is that is nowhere on the screen. All the songs fit into my ipod but it won't go in there. Everytim...


How do I sync my iPod Nano with the iTunes on my computer?

I got an ipod nano for christmas, and a 50dollar itunes card. I installed i tunes and downloaded a bunch of music, but I cant figure out how to get it all onto my ipod. I know about syncronization, but i cant figure it out... lol i feel like a caveman :P


Ipod wont sync to itunes . . . .

right i have tryed this all day! I have the first generation of the ipod touch and i updated my itunes but now my ipod wont sync, a message keeps saying this ipod cannot be required software not installed download 64-bit version , so i did but the mess...


How do I locate music on my itunes, so it syncs to my ipod?

All of my music on my itunes, when you click on it a box appears saying that 'the file can not be found, would you like to locate file?' And the song will come up with a ! and it won't sync to my ipod or play on the computer. I have tried to locate the...


Why won't my itunes give me the option to sync(I have a new ipod that I'm trying to sync my music to)?

By the way, I downloaded the latest version of itunes. Please help me, I bought this new ipod and now its not even letting me do anything with it :( It's an ipod touch, just like my old one.

I plug in the new one and itunes comes up but there is no...


..sync songs from iphone to itunes?

Is there a way I can sync songs from an iPhone to iTunes?

Okay here is the thing .. I had to restore my computer to day one .. I had to delete everything .. I put everything on a external hard drive so everything but songs that I had rip from cds tha...


syncing music

how do I sync music from my computer to my phone


How can I send songs from my itunes to my phone?

How can I send songs from my itunes to my phone?


How to download songs from iTunes to Bebo?

how do you download songs from itunes to bebo


Burning songs from itunes to a CD?

How do I burn songs from itunes to a cd


My ipod wont sync

Why won' t my ipod sync


how do I create an itunes account?

how do I create an itunes account?
is it free?


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