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Destroy sim card

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Will water damage a cell phone sim card?

Will water damage a cell phone sim card?


T-Mobile phones and SIM cards

does T-mobile use sim cards?

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Prepaid sim card into a regular cell?

Can you put a prepaid sim card into a regular cell phone?


Does the samsung sch u740 a.k.a. The alias take sim card

Does the samsung sch u740 a.k.a. The alias take sim card

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telstra sim cards.

my sim card like messed up
and now I need a new one.
how much are they ?


Samsung sch u740 cell phone take sim cards?

does the samsung sch u740 alias cell phone take sim card


Sim cards?

Well im gunna get an Iphone but I have tmobile
So I was wondering will it work with a tmobile sim card?

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How do I insert the sim card for a nokia 2330?

I purchased a nokia 2330 on ebay. When I received the phone there was already a sim card in it. I need to remove that sim card and insert my own, but I can't seem to figure out how to do that.


Do they sell prepaid Sim cards for Sidekicks?

Can you only buy only the sim card (prepaid ) for the sidekick 3?

well I have a sidekick as a gift but I want to connect it with a prepaid plan. uhm I understand that I only need the (prepaid) sim card . Do they only sell the prepaid sim card for s...


How to get a sim card into an iPhone?

I'm getting an iphone (yay!!) but according to my mom they don't have sim cards. To make life easier I want to put my sim card into there. It's iphone 3 btw


samsung tmobile phone how to put in a unicel sim card?

I have a samsung tmobile phone and I want to put my unicel sim card in it, but when I do it says wrong card? is there an unlock code I can enter or anything I can do about it so I can make it work?


What are Sim card companies in America?

in Philippines, we have Smart, Talk n' Text, Addict Mobile, Globe, Touch Mobile, and Sun Cellular.


Sims or sims 2 a virus?

Is sim or sims2 a virus


How can I unblock my SIM card??

I forgot me pin umber and tried more than 3 times,now it is blocked,I now remember my pin but it doesn't seem to make a difference,can anyone help?


How do you save numbers to your sim card if you have a g1?

I have a g1 phone wit tmobile and I like to save my numbers 2my sim card because in the pass saving it only 2my phone they would get delet so anyone know how to save it to the sim card from this phone I have lots of new numbers and want 2save them to t...


What sim card does a locked Motorola Razr V take?

I bought a Motorola Razr V and it might seem silly but i have no idea what sim card it takes, It's locked, i just don't know if they make Motorola sim cards or a different one? i'm a Vodafone customer and have never switched so i'm clueless!


sim card says limited service

i bought a new sim card for my orange pay as you go because i kept getting dodgy calls so i wanted to change my number. when i put it in it says LIMITED SERVICE? why is this does anyone know?


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