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What colour nail polish suits blonde girls?

Im a blonde girl with blue eyes, im just wondering what colour nail polish you think suits blondes... Something that goes with all outfits preferably to :) thanks :d

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Why do guys like thongs on their girl?

So my boyfriend wants me to get a thong. I'm more a booty shorts kinda girl but no real issue with thongs.
I was just wondering if all guys just really like thongs on their girl? Could you explain why you do or don't prefer them better?

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is a size 34A a good bra size for a 14 year old girl ?

I am just wondering cause well I have small boobs :(
and I was wondering if they will grow bigger ??
and if there is any way I could make them bigger ?
thanks ;)

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Do girls like males to shave pubic hair?

im male.. I hv shavd my pubic area only once and it was damn itchy. nt doing it aftr that. Now its bushy.. girls pls tel me whthr 2 shave it or nt.. how do girls prefr for males 2 hv pubic area.. bushy? trimmd? shavd?

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Do girls like guys with blue eyes?

Ok so I have blue eyes and im a guy, but anyways I dont really think that they're special or anything but every girl I meet says the my eyes are "pretty" or "beautiful" and I dont understand why, so do girls just like guys with blue eyes or could it be...


Which natural shade tights are the best for hairy legs?

Im a male to female crossdresser who needs a bit of help. I cant seem to find any tights of a natural shade to hide my hairy legs. I play sport so I dont want to raise suspicion by shaving my legs.

Please help.

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What does it really mean if you are cute to a girl?

This question is really for girls.

Quite a few of my (girl) friends at school say im cute, but are they really complimeting me?

When a girl says cute, are they saying I am good looking in a cute way, just good looking/hot/fit, or are they saying ...


Barely dressed young girls?

So last week at school a girl (14 year old freshman, I have a friend who knows her. So I got his from her.) walked into the cafeteria one morning barely dressed.
I'm talking, SHORT skirt, LOW cut shirt, knee high socks, bracelet szed earrings, high he...


Why cant a 14 year old girl get her nose pierced?

okay so im 14 and I really want my nose pierced. I've wanted it done for a while. my mom wont let me because I am 14. I have good grades, and my mom can trust me, I never really get in trouble for anything other than having an attitude sometimes. but c...


How can I make the hair on my arms less noticable?

Ok so when I was like 7 or 8 I shaved the hair on my arms off cause I thought there was too much.. boy was I wrong. I'm a girl btw so it's sorta bad... Anyways my brothers notice my arms one day and said that they where hairier than theirs. :( What can...


How to get hairier arms?

I want to have hairy arms any way to make my arms more hairy I'm a man?

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How do guys like hair down there?

how do guys like girl vagina hair to be?

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I have hair all over my body!

no one teases me yet, but they will and I know it, im not very popular anyways and everyone elready makes fun of me, I dont want to give them another reason to! I am only 13 year old girl and im covered in hair I have loads of my stomach and arms and i...

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normal boob size

What is a normal boob size for a 16 year old girl?

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How do I make sure I don't get bumps after shaving?

I just shaved my 'thing that makes me a girl', haha. How do I make sure I don't get those little bumps?

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Why am I scared to shave my pubic hair?

Is there any girls thats dont shave or trim their pubic hair? And if you dont, how come? And if you do, how come?

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Guys, do you like shaved or trimmed vaginas?

do you boys or girls like girls to have a shaved vagina or no you mind havin a bit of hair or like trimmed.
need to know for ma boyfriend lol, what do you think guys ;) x

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Thong Panties

At what age is it ok for a girl to wear a thong?
I am 15 and my mom won't let me wear a thong.

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36c bra size for 13 yr old

im a 36c, is that the average bra size for 13 year old girl like me??

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Do Leggings make your butt look bigger, is that why they are worn?

Why do girls wear just leggings? they say because it is really comfortable but I think its because they wanna make their butt look bigger... which I think is really annoying! every single girl I know does it, and I feel like punching them in the face e...


Should guys shave their pubic hair?

im a male and I was wondering if I should shave my pubes. I know I should do what I want, but I was just wondering what all of you girls think out there

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What was your bra size at 13?

will you girls tell me what you bra size is or was at 13 becasue I really want to know I don't have mutch boobs and stuff and want to know an average of what I should be

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Is is true that IcyHot and plastic wrap helps you lose weight?

Is it true, that if you rub your stomach with icyhot and wrap yourself in plastic wrap, and sleep with it on overnight, that you will lose inches off your waist ?

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Is it weird that I shave my upper lip?

I'm a 20 year old girl and is it weird that I shave my upper lip? I know its not good but I started when I was 15 and didn't know ...tell me if this is gross and any other ways to get rid of it???

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Can I still be goth with blonde hair?

Well I'm a 13 year girl and I'm thinking about becoming gothic but I have Blonde hair and my mom will not let me dye it black so I wanted to know if there can be a Blonde headed goth?

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