What should i tattoo on her booty that would turn me off but make nobody else want to touch her?

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What the eff are you talking about?

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my girlfriend is letting me customize her booty since she says im the only one thats going to be hitting it. so i want a tattoo that would turn me on but turn everybody else off

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A tattoo is a personal decision and a big one that only she should make!
Whether she gets one or not and what she wants.

If you have to worry about someone else "hitting it", then a tattoo isn't going to fix that problem.

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im not asking for your moral opinion, the decision has already been made it was her decision because she wants to spend her life with me and she wants me to know im all hers. soooooooo whatever i want to put on there is what she wants.

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Your girlfriend must have some issues if she's really letting someone else tattoo her with whatever design they want.
And for you to be so controlling like that is just wrong. A tattoo won't stop you guys from breaking up if something does happen by the way.

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Alright, consider this: If she told you that then that's great......isn't that enough for now? You are the one who asked the ridiculous question about the tattoo.

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You asked about a tattoo that you would like but everyone else would hate. That's stupid. What about what she wants? Don't blow me *&^# about my moral opinion because I think it's valid.

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