whats the difference between regular shampoos and organic?

what does organic do for the hair?

Answer #1

Well regular shampoo has chemicals like sulfate and organic shampoo is, well, organic. Organic is healthier because you’re not stripping your hair of its natural oils.

Answer #2

if its healthy why is everyone using reg. shampoo?

Answer #3

Organic everything is better for people, organic food, organic soap, organic shampoo,organic shaving cream etc. But organic is so much more expensive and not as easy to find.

Answer #4

Exactly, because organic is more expensive and people usually don’t want to make an extra trip to find it at a different store. Plus organic shampoo isn’t really advertised so not too many people know about it. Some people are used to having regular shampoo and they don’t want to switch….

Answer #5

thanks to both!!

Answer #6

Hi there old friend! {:^) Organic is also better for the earth; specifically, for the soil and water where the plant sources of the ingredients are grown.

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