Why is my sunburn purple ?

It's been a week since i burnt my chest, shoulders, and arms, it was a fairly bad burn. But 2 days ago my boyfriend pointed out that my chest where i burnt had turned purple, now it's peeling, but not where it is purple, and it is still tender, it's dry and rough and looks like it's going to scar. I have been putting Aloe Vera on it since I got burnt and everything

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A sunburn turning purple usually indicates a very bad sunburn and possible sun poisoning.

You need to keep applying cool clothes to the area and keep applying Aloe Vera.

Keep yourself hydrated as well. If you start feeling sick, you should get to a doctor to be treated.

It is also recommended that you take ibuprofen a couple times a day to help with the swelling.

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i have had this all over my body. i have been recommended zinc oxide and tomato puree applied to the affected area

How do I stop a sunburn from peeling?

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