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Is it bad to shave, 'down there'?

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I have been shaving around the edges of my pubic hair, just to keep it even. I never shave more than just the edges, but was wondering if it is bad to do? Could it cause infections? Also, is there anyway, to trim it without making a big mess? My mother doesn't know(I'm 15), and I don't think she would let me keep doing it if she found out, but it is very uncomfortable, so, are there any ways, that I could trim it, and not leave a trace of evidence? I thought about doing it over the toilet, but would the hairs stick to the side of the bowl when I flush? Lol, ya weird question, I know, but I could really use the advice! Thanks! Also, my mother hasn't seen me naked in three years, but has gotten close to walking in on me getting dress, lol, so that's why I want to know how to hide the evidence, because the only proof she has, is from the evidence. Thanks again!