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How long can a permed hair be rebonded?

I had a perm a month ago..and I still hate it! I can't cut it because my hair willl become too short like above shoulder so I thought getting it rebonded would be my final choice..but is it okay to rebond a permed hair? Will my hair fall off???


Why will my gauge not go in?

Okay so I've been gauging my ears for awhile now and I'm at size 6 right now. I'm ready to strech to a 4 but it won't go in. I've already stretched my left ear but my right ear won't go. There's a lot of resistance. I had the same problem going from an...


How soon after a cartilage piercing can I change the earring?

I got my ear pierced at a professional I know the gauge size of the post is bigger than a normal ear piercing. If I change the earring, will the hole become smaller and close up around it? I had my ear pierced a month ago on Thursday. When ...


Is Nair for Men good for pubic hair removal?

is nair good for your pubic area?? has anyone tired it??

does anyone know any other hair removal products that work in the genital areas?


How much does a salon facial on average cost?

Can it help get rid of acne or get alot of dirt out of your face?

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What is a good way to cover up cigarette smell?

Yeah Id just like to know if theres a good way of completely getting rid of cigarette smells and not just covering them up! And same for smells of alcohol on your breath. thanks!


When we researched it we wondered is it true?

Well,, me and my friend researched how to make her boobs bigger, because she thinks she is flat chested. Anyway we found loads but the weirdist one was rubbing vaseline all over your breast, and then putting toothpaste on your nipple makes it bigger. H...

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How did people actually get different color skin?

I don't understand how some people have black/brown skin, and some have white/peach, and some have yellow/tan. How did it happen?

Some people have said a long, long time ago, when people were working in the turned their skin brown/burnt it....


What size of needle should I have to pierce my bellybutton?

I want my bellybutton pierced but I don't have money to get it done. My friend works in a piercing shop cleaning and stuff so he's watches it all the time. He knows how to do it and stuff but I Just need to know what size of needle do I need? And how m...

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White bump in front of my tongue ring

Theres a large white bump in front of my barbell, I got this done 4 days ago, it hurts to cough real bad I added a picture I think
I have more if you want to see, but what is it? Will it go away? How do I make it go away? Help!!!


Can you make homemade tattoo ink from cigarette ashes?

can you really make tattoo ink out of cigarette ashes and water?
is there anything else you can use?

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How big of a gauge can one put in an ear and have it close up again

Whats the biggest size of gauge that you can put in your ear but take out so that they will close up to normal size? I have a size two in which is about 6 mm. I just haven't tried to close them up yet.


What does "french looking" mean?

today the french teacher told me that I look very French to him (he is from France). I know you cannot categorize a general population completely accurately, but on the whole, should I take that as a compliment?


Do scars every really go away?

Ok, if you get cut or something like that, and it hasnt made a scar, but you scar easy, and you really, really dont want the scars, do they ever really go away? I need help. Seriously!


how will toothpaste on your nipples make you boobs grow?

I want bigger boobs and I'm trying not to have the implants I heard tooth paste on your nipples will make you boobs grow

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How much does a rook piercing hurt?

Next week I'm going in to get my rook pierced and I want to know what to expect. I have an industrial and I didn't think that it was too terribly bad. I mean yeah it hurt but it wasn't even close to how bad some of my tattoos hurt. I would consider mys...


What is the best hair dye brand at walmart?

Please do not mention L'oreal Paris Feria. I've recently used this and the color came out after a couple of washes. Gosh I'm so bad I spent money on this. =[

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How to get rid of black gums?

How to get rid of black gums?

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why are ear gauges so popular now?

just curious.. just seems like more people are doing it


Why is my lip piercing so itchy?

I just got it today and it's really itchy! Is it normal?


What hairstyle ideas and ways not to sweat?

Ok tomorrow is the 2nd day of summer school and today I wore my hair half up and half down- bottom half straight, the ponytail part all scrunched. I also wore a jacket and it was 115 degrees. I have to wear a jacket b-because I sweat a-lot but please ...


Why won't my breasts grow?

I'm flat chested and I'm 15. I got my period at 14. They have stayed the same size since sixth grade. I don't understand why. I'm in ninth now. My cousins have bigger boobs than me. Even sixth graders. How can I make them bigger? I'm literally flat. Wi...


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