Why is youtube not working on this computer after it was just fine a few days ago?

So I keep trying to watch a video on youtube on this computer I’m on. I swear youtube worked a few days ago where you can play videos but now it says I have to download Adobe Flash Player to watch videos. What the hell? This really sucks. I feel like listening to some music then this happens. It’s someone else’s computer so it’s not like I can just download something. Why does youtube say this when it was fine a few days ago?

Answer #1

Well, it’s probably because youtube recently went through an update or something. You could always ask that person if you could download it and if they say no, I guess you’ll go to someone with a computer who has it downloaded. I recently downloaded Adobe Flash Player too because I had the same problem. I notice no difference except for the fact that I can watch youtube.

Answer #2

Youtube works on everyone else’s computer so I highly doubt it’s youtube. I’ll probably restart the computer when I get the chance and see if that helps. Thanks anyway!

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