youtube not working?

Whenever I try to go on on my computer, it says internet explorer cannot display webpage…How do I fix this, this has been happening for four days now.

Answer #1
  • You are on a wireless? YouTube usually works better on a hard connection

  • You need to free up the address that has been cached - Google “Clear cache and cookies for IE (then your version…) You have 5 or six if the first option under Tools is Mail and news / IE 7 if you have Delete Browser History.

  • You need to add the site to the allowed list - Tools - Internet Options - Security tab -> click on the Trusted sites logo (circle with a check) and click sites. enter this: *

You need to set your vists to “every time I vist the page” Or “”every visit to the webpage” Tool - Internet Options - IE 5 & 6: in the General tab its the settings button in the Temporary Internet Files section = In IE 7 its the settings button in the Browser History seciton. Set the disc space to 500.

Delete the browser history

If you have security on your computer - research how you can add a website to the trusted list. hope this helps

Answer #2

this is the problem of the internet explorer.

try to check that the internet is working fine and all the sites are opening.

restore the internet explorer from the tools>advanced.

if needed download the adobe flash player.

Answer #3

Have a computer specialist check it out,it may even have to do with how much stuff you have installed on the PC,try deleting some of the things you don’t use or unplug your internet modem box if you have one and wait for a few second or minutes then plug it back in,restart your PC as well and let it load up itself,don’t rush it. Good Luck!

To add on,you may have to install the newest flash player.


Answer #4

Maybe its a problem with your computer?

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