Why wont my computer play certain youtube videos?

I have Windows 7. Just a few days ago I could watch the youtube videos, now ill go an click on them and theyll just stay black, no time line or anything -_- Its getting quite annoying :( What can I do?

Answer #1

what browser are you using…?

impossible to help with the ammount of info youve given

Answer #2

This is MY computer, I dont get things blocked.

I tried what Miguel said and I restarted my computer and still nothing :/

Answer #3

Both of those answers up there are right. Maybe your parents blocked videos if ALL the youtube vids aren’t playing. I don’t know but that prob sounds similar to what happened with my used computer because someone before me blocked like everything!!!

Answer #4

From what I know, Youtube seems to be testing a new feature. That might be interfering with the video play but I’m not sure about it. I haven’t had any problems with the site yet. They are testing a new web design and some other features and I think they have a select number of users to test it out on. Other than that I really don’t know whats going on. I guess the only real thing that you can do is have patience with it. There going to have to work on it if its a problem. If you want you can refresh the video and wait for it to completely load.

Answer #5

Yeah that is happening to me too, I think that its the whole point of some technical dificulties.

Answer #6

Update your flash player to the latest version. You can do that here


Answer #7

poly java scripttt! download it or restart your computer

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