Camera isn't uploading pictures to computer?

ugh, so my camera wont uplaod my pictures to my computer. like it was working fine 2 days ago then all of sudden it went all JERK on me. I dont even get it. so when I hooked it up or whatever this little window thing came up on my computer and now it doesnt even happen,WHATS WRONGGG !? it’s ticking me off .

Answer #1

Try uninstalling the program and re-installing it. That sometimes works.

Answer #2

You need to be a bit more specific on the technical stuff. Anyway, some things that you might want to think about:

  • Is the camera battery full/enough to upload photos on the computer?
  • If you transfer the photos through a USB cable, the cable might be broken.
  • The socket in your camera where you plug in the other end of the USB cable might be loose or broken.
  • Maybe your memory card is dodgy and needs reformatting.
Answer #3

why can’t I download my pictures on the computer

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