X-box 360 or PS3

what do you think is better overall?

I think x-box personnally, because theres more people its better quality and microsoft is buying out all the top games so PS3 is gonna be left 2 feed off the left overs.. lol

Answer #1

yeah well I have ps3 and xbox but I wud still prefer the xbox… =/

Answer #2

Well, the truth is, I have both the 360 and the Wii, and im going to eventually buy a ps3 anyways, so, I dont have to choose..

Answer #3

I think the only to know for sure is to try all 3 consoles and see what you like and don’t like. They all have their advantages and drawbacks, besides, its not like they are the last generation of game systems that are going to be made.

Answer #4

three? please tell me you aren’t refering 2 the Wii? thats not a console thats a joke. well thanks for your opinion. :) appreciate it. =D

Answer #5

I agree, I have/had a wii, and unless you plan to play on it whilst drunk with friends theres no purpose to owning 1. I think the 360 and PS3 are quite tied, but I like the 360 better, mainly b/c they both have basically the same games, they both have internet, but the PS3 I more expensive for something that basically the same as a 360. the games can sometimes be more expensive eventhough they’re basically the same as 360 games. the only reason I like the PS3 is the grafics and the fact that the internet fir the games is free, but the 360s isn’t that much a month, but he, free beets a lil bit o cash.

  1. 360

  2. PS3

  3. wii =P

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