What is better x box 360 with x box live and the wii has internet?

X box 360 elite I mean with x box live and the wii Has the internet.

Answer #1

Honestly bro, read more. Reading is way better than video games and it might make you literate. I would prefer wii to 360 because I have a nice pc and it already does everything a 360 can and more, apart from playing a few games that I’m not too interested in anyways. The wii can do things my computer can’t though. Boom Blox is worth owning a wii for.

Answer #2

I say xbox as well. By FAR! It’s a lot more interactive and challenging since your playing with other players, with the wii it’s just more played out. I find that xbox is more fun as well and has a better game selection then the wii…

Answer #3

I say Xbox by far I mean a wii is more kid games Xbox has lots more games and you can play online and play more than just the story line but Wiis are fun for partys and to like just chill with and what not thats what I do when I drink but drunkin codMW2 is frucking crazy haha I say Xbox by far

Answer #4

Xbox 360 due to games. Nintendo Wii is only good if your 10 or don’t mind only having a few games that are actually good.

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