How much money would you expect to get if you trade in a X-box?

Hiyya My brother wants to get enough money to get a playstation 3 or a x-box 360, he would like to sell his x-box does anyone know how much money he would get for it? Which is better an x-box 360 or a playstation 3? Would it be better to sell it on ebay? Sorry I’m not very good with this sort of things! :S Please help! haha Thanks xxx

Answer #1

Considering X-Box is old he wouldn’t get much money for it. He will get way less than he originally payed for it. If you live in the UK and he wanted to sell it to CEX exchange shop he will only get around £30.00

Answer #2

If he sold it at GameStop I would say under $20. I think they stopped taking them in though. Don’t expect too much because they are selling for like $40 and GameStop has to make a profit too.

As for your brother, go with a PS3, it has great game titles and free online gaming.

Answer #3

if its in good condition probaly not even $30

Answer #4

It all depends on how old it is and the quality of it.

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