X-BOX 360 unreadable disk error?

we got an X-BOX 360 for christmas we also got halo3 it stopped in the midle of the game and said unreadable disk. when we took the game out it had a big scratch around the edge of it never to play again. took it back got another one and the same thing happened any advice as to why halo 3 hates me?

Answer #1

Does it happen with any other games?

Could be the disc tray is out of allign and something knicks it as it fly’s by.

Answer #2

your disc tray isn’t alinged right, return the xbox and get a new one

Answer #3

sometimes it will do this is when you start the game you dont update it

Answer #4

Your first problem was its an X-Box

Answer #5

I know one thing I had a game with thousand of scratches on it and I downloaded it to the hardrive so it wouldnt even read off the cd anymore and it work perfectly after that

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