x-box 360 Live Connection

I am connected to Live by an Ethernet cable, and at random times I lag out and get kicked of Live. On a bad day this can happen almost every game. I have high speed internet. I guess Comcast just sucks. Any ideas?

Answer #1

Yeah Comcast doesn’t do well for gamers from my experience.

There could be other alternatives for your bad connection: Xbox servers, bandwidth, or high amounts of traffic going through the universal servers at once.

Those are the only things I could come up with… Try clearing your Xbox’s cache, and resetting your modem. Sometimes that can do the trick. =)

Answer #2

Try Wireless Conection

Answer #3

Hmmm, are you going through a wireless router? I heard its best to use a wireless and router. Another thing I have read is that a lot of online games require that you enable packet forwarding if going through a router.

Another thing you could try is this…type Comcast specs for upstream signal is between 35 and 45 downstream should be between -5 and positve 5

Your internet connection will probably still work if those numbers are 50+ up and -11 down. Call comcast and ask them what they think. If they send a tech and find out that your modem is running behind a radio shack splitter they will charge you for the service call.

Answer #4

Correction: Wireless and router

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