Where should I sell my X-box?

Where should I sell my X-box? Game X Change will only give $30 for it.

Answer #1

Taking into consideration the condition of the x-box and what you are including with it, you could sell it on ebay. Is the x-box in mint condition or used? Is it damaged in any way? Do you still have the original box? How many controllers would come with it? If you are going to sell the x-box with games, then you can certainly get more then $30. Keep in mind that you will need to consider the cost of shipping the item, so be sure to factor that into your ebay auction setup. Lastly if you do plan to sell your xbox on ebay, package the xbox and games so that it will arrive to your buyer in good condition and undamaged. You may want to insure it.

Answer #2

You could try ebay. I’m sure you’d get more than $30, but I’m not sure about the exact price…And I’m also not sure about which stores that you would be able to sell it to. (like selling it in person instead of online)

Answer #3

On E-bay or a local store that really needs one more than others do.

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