Do you think it's wrong for people to have babies and have government support?

Answer #1

This is one of those things that is a problem but every foreseeable solution is worse. Nobody should have kids they do not have the time, money, and affection for. Every time a child is born to parents who can’t provide for their material and emotional needs is a tragedy.

Answer #2

It is irresponsible, and part of the problem with our society, but no one wants to talk about, especially politicians. Hell, this is a world wide problem. People bringing kids into the world that they cannot provide for with their own resources.

Answer #3

what about the people who work for years and pay their taxes also?

Answer #4

I think some people have kids that are wanted even on government assistance. What about the families that work still for years and pay their taxes? But they need a lil extra help

Answer #5

Yes they are wanted, but is selfish to bring a child into this world that you cannot afford. it is not about what you want, it is about the child.

Answer #6

Some people really just don’t give a damn……

Answer #7

But they been paying their taxes and still do. The government takes so much from them already. why not give a little back. I could understand if you dont work and are living off the government and poppin babies out. They are the ones abusing the system. What about the ones who have paid their taxes for years? They need help temporarily?

Answer #8

Try explaining this to all of those thirteen year old’s that are coming up pregnant every other week.

Answer #9

I think there are exceptions though. Yes some people are irresponsible and don’t try to provide for kids and want to take the easy way out. But some people have kids and can provide for them financially at the time, but then they happen to lose their job or something. Then its really not the parents fault and they can still try to provide for that child, they might need just a little help at first but if they put an effort to provide for the child then I see nothing wrong with needing help if you’re in a rut. But ALOT of people don’t care or try and they abuse the system. Soo its those people who make “needing help” look bad. And its sad.

Answer #10

True and abuse the system. which is very wrong. I agree

Answer #11

Like I said, every foreseeable solution is worse than the problem. First off it isn’t exactly an epidemic. The teen birth rate has been declining and now is at its lowest rate since the 1940’s at 21 pregnancies per 1,000 girls 14-17. It isn’t the cause of all our problems. I’ve worked and paid taxes longer than you’ve been alive and I’m glad that my taxes keep unwanted and/or indigent children from starving. It isn’t the kids fault when parents are irresponsible. Solutions have been tried. Large numbers of blacks and native Americans were forced to be sterilized. In Puerto Rico native women who wished to work in factories had to agree to be sterilized. Many native Puerto Rican women were lied to suggesting that the sterilization was temporary or that it was reversible later. Public support of forced sterilization was strong until the end of WWII when Americans sickened by the NAZI attempt to wipe out the Jewish race lost their appetite for sterilizing “undesirables.” Most laws allowing forced sterilization were gone by the mid 1950’s though in some places the practice continued into the 1970’s.

Answer #12

I don’t think so. My parent did it because they had three kids within five years and even with my dad being in the military and having a night job and my mom having a job didn’t do much good so they had government support. So no, I don’t think it’s bad or irresponsible. If you need it then take it!

Answer #13

well ya obviously thats horrible. They shoudl learn the meands of birth control… I am not on government assistance buyt i could be i would qualify. Being single, not married, Just wanted to see what people thought

Answer #14

Thats what i mean… Its not bad in all situations. but the ones living off it it is bad. Some people work their butts off their hole life. they are not rich. They deserve to have families too

Answer #15

Exactly! If you have a job or two and need the support then use it. But if you’re not trying and use the support, then that’s irresponsible.

Answer #16

And with the economy the way it is people are not finacially stable untill their 40’s anymore… U cant have a baby when ur that old. Well you can but it would be a health risk for some.

Answer #17

Well some people think there very well off and decide to have a child and that takes them into bankrupsey from all the medical charges, baby food, and all the other things, or if they have been expecting and then just out of now where some family emergency happens that cost extremly high. But I really do hate when theres a mom with about 3 diffrent baby daddys who just takes advantage of the goverment.

Answer #18

I have mixed feelings and it may be a bit biased due to my own morale. I don’t really believe in getting rid of a child for reasons like inconvenience like lack of money. That being said, it’s wrong if the parents aren’t working and simply relying on government support. I don’t really see it wrong if they are working hard but still need a little extra help, we all need some help sometimes. It’s abuse of the system if you do nothing to help yourself in your own situation.

Answer #19

They should learn to keep their legs closed & their minds open. Open to education.

Answer #20

I agree

Answer #21

Yea i agree. I pray my daughter wont be like that. She WONT lol. I wont allow it

Answer #22

i also agree!!!

Answer #23

I have to agree. I have worked with medical aspects of government assistence programs and spoken to many women with children, with as many different circumstances as there is letters in the alphabet. And from all walks of life. Everything from the Welfare repeat cycle families,those fallen on hard times, to the afluent. Yes it may suprise some of you that even doctors families and those living in pricey neighborhoods, receive state aide because of their child/children. It accumulates to a huge financial drain and basically a bandaide on a gapping wound….but other solutions would hinge on discrimination, taking away human rights, and the basic welfare needs of the babies and children that already exist.

Answer #24

I agree with you. Also the government put the programs there for a reason, to help “the people”. If we never needed help we probably would be in debt as a nation. Whats worse, bailing out a family of 5 who need help getting some food some months or bailing out a multi million dollar company who feeds on peoples ingnorance and inexperience. Just sayin.

Answer #25

I have seen some people have children to stay on state aid and I have also seen families who have lost jobs and had no choice but to turn to state aid until they got back on thier feet.

Answer #26

Not at all, not everyone is rich. People think it’s irresponsible but really it’s not. They just need too grow up. I mean come on everyone has reasons. Some people are unable to work due to health problems, stress, a disability or mental health. Not everyone is perfect. Id perfer to stay home with my baby then go to work and leave it with a stranger ( babysitter. ) Atleast i know that my child is safe in my arms rather than someone elses.

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