Would you save a strangers life?

Would you?

Answer #1

ok if you have channel 4 theres this tv programme about “Would you save a stranger?” again on the 16th of April or check the channel 4 website and search for it … I recommend it cause it just show how many people who would want to but cant do anything about it cause theyre scared. Its really touching, overwhelming and disgusting at the same time of how many people ignore these situations

Answer #2

Why wouldnt you, if you were in trouble wouldnt you want somebody to help you!

Answer #3

yes, no matter what theyve done or who they are, its worth it.

Answer #4

yes I would in fact id give my life just to aleast one or meny lives

Answer #5


I would do anything to save a persons life even if it IS a stranger=) <3

Answer #6

Yeh Of Course :)x

Answer #7

Of course I would, a human life is nothing to be wasted.

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