Would you agree that you're moving at the speed of life?

Or could you honestly say you’re slipping? I’m asking this cause in my case it’s like I got the best and the worst… Ik it might not make a lot o sense, but if you know what I mean, what do you think?

Answer #1

I think I get what your saying,do you mean that you were keeping up and living your life,getting all life had to offer but you fell behind and things started falling apart,is that what your getting at?

Answer #2

Are you trying to say you went FROM the best to the worst?? Cause if you did then I can realte =-) and probably help. OR is it that one day you where ontop of ht world and the next thing you knew life sucked..?

Answer #3

all are moving in the same direction I.e. life has a dead end , therefore all move in their respective speed of life !!

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