Why do my parents think making my life suck would make me do any better in school?

My parents think that making my life suck would make me do better in school, but really all it does is piss me off and make me want to “rebel”.

Answer #1

believe it or not they just want whats best for you. we all get to the age where we don’t see it but your parents love you and want you to do better in school so you have a succesful future. maybe they didn’t have the best lives, maybe they did. but everyone goes through the faze where they think their parents are out to get them. you’ll get through it and passed it. they love you, don’t forget that.

Answer #2

Lemme ask you a question, why do your parents even care whether you do well in school or not? Lets pretend for a second that you getting good grades does nothing for them, because well it doesnt… Why waste their time with a whiny teenager who can’t bothered to work for his own future? I mean think about it. They have to actually read report cards, monitor your progress, and then to top it off punish you, which means dealing with your pouting and bad temper. Seriously, wouldnt it be easier to just ignore you and what’s going on with you in school? Darn parents who actually give a darn about your future. Oh, and since you’d make a much better parent, I’d love to know exactly how you’d deal with a bratty teen who wasnt doing what they were supposed to be doing. Because it is a time honored tradition to reward results and punish failure. That’s just how real life works. Like out in the real world. Where if you do bad at your job, you get fired. And then your life sucks, because living without money is sucky.

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