Save a Life

I am not sure where I heard or got this from but this is my version of it I call it Live Savor. If you went into a hospital with sick teenagers and they were on life support and there last wish was to go on a date with you. Where special would you take them to make their dream come true?

As I typed this,I cried a little bit.

Answer #1

wherever they want,but id prefer to go take them to a place theyd nevrr 4get,like sea world,a hollywood premire of sum movie,etc. wooldnt want them to die on th date,tho :(

Answer #2

I’d make the most of it and give them whatever they want. Everyone should have the “perfect” date before they pass away.

Answer #3

Try to find out his/her dream choice ahead of time and do my best to make it happen !!

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