Sharing Religion and your opinion, a waste of time.

Um…why is it so important to tell everyone what your opinion is on religion and God?

I used to share my opinion on it, but now I relize that it’s kinda stupid seeing as everyones is different. Trying to force someone to change or to argue that your opinion is better is a waste of time.

If we kept those certain opinions to ourself do you think there would be less conflict or something different?

Answer #1

I agree with ty.

I like debating in the religious section. obviously if we stopped there will be less arguments, but I believe then in the end there’ll also be less acceptance and understanding of other’s beliefs. Religious discussions has sure helped me to become more open-minded.

Answer #2

This is an advice site, it is all about sharing your opinion. If people stopped sharing their opinion, this site would cease to exist…

As for in general, I try not to share my religious views with others, it rarely goes well, but if people are pushing their myopic view point down my throat, well I will defend myself…

Answer #3

Without a doubt, there would certainly be a lot more headed for an undesirable eternal destination if the good news of John 3 : 16 isn’t shared - they’ll sure wish someone had cared enough not to play ‘I’ve got a secret’ and share.

Answer #4

less.. this girl is always putting her beliefs on everyone else, trying to make them change.. wtf.. ahah I think its all good untill people try to convert you!

Answer #5

You are correct toadaly. When I was a lad I thought atheists were perhaps one in a million. Madelyn Murray O’Hair was the only famous one I knew of and everyone seemed to hate here. I figured we were such a tiny minorit\y that I’d just have to do whatever I could do to fit in among all the believers.

After I went off to college I found an entire section in the library about atheism. I had no idea that there was such a rich social, intellectual, and historical tradition in disbelief. This really inspired me. Now there is tons of info on the internet so young heretics can find it easily instead of having to look for dusty books in the basement of a library.

About 10% of Americans don’t believe in God. We are a minority but not nearly as small a minority as I once believed.

Answer #6

Well, I don’t think it’s a waste of time at all. For example, secularism is spreading in large part because the internet has made it possible for nonbelievers to engage large swaths of believers. For a lot of marginal believers, all they need is to know there are other people out there who live perfectly happy lives without religion, in order to free themselves.

Of course, for someone who’s religious beliefs are already in the majority, it certainly is a waste of time, because everyone who can be converted already has been.

Answer #7

Honestly, I find it fun to debate religion, as long as it doesn’t turn into an argument. Becoming too emotional during a debate will simply ruin one. It’s fun to discuss different ideas regarding religion and philosophy, even scientific theories, like macroevolution and the big bang theory. Discussion and debate is way to hone your own personal theories about God and the world. Many times, during intelligent conversation and debate, ideas float to the front of your mind, and your opinion may change drastically. Anything that inspires intelligent thought and may induce a personal change for the better is always a good thing!

Answer #8

Its for the exchange of ideas, your words might be lost on a lot of people but if just one person is inspired by what you have to say wouldn’t it be worth it? It maybe seem like a waste of time to you, and sometimes it may seem like a waste to me. But I hope that one day my words can plant a seed for G-d to grow within someone. Even if they laugh at what I say today they might remember it at another time in their life and it could change them.

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