Would my parrents understand that I switched religions?

Hi, goodgirl124 here again, I need to know if I contact my parrents especially my father when this Personal Protection expires in June of this year, are they going to understand that I changed religion? They loathe Lds/mormons and I’m afraid if I argue with them over the church, they’re going to explode with me. I know if I argue with them over our church issue, the spierit will leave me and I do not! want that! Both parrents won’t understand repentance or anything. So, let me know.

Answer #1

Its up to you what religion you chose to worship/ believe in, no other person should effect your decision on this, after all its your life and your choice

I think you should tell your parents but don’t have an argument about it just tell them thats what you believe and you don’t need to discuss your belief with them and they don’t need to with you just tell them your there daughter no matter what you believe

Answer #2

Do not leave the LDS church it is the only true church, it brings the spirit and happines into lives, the best thing is to try and convert your parents , and truly pray about them and ask heavenly father what to do , really try to gain a testimony and even talk to them about the articles of faith, even talk to a bishop or branch prezident about what to say …and really pray about it with a sincere heart and dont lose hope.

Answer #3

ohh lord. seriously? the LDS church is the ONLY true chuch? billions and billions of people who do not believe in that religion are going to go to hell?

goodgirl124… props for realizing that something is wrong and wanting to get out.

Heres the thing with religion. ITS WHATS BEST FOR YOU. ITS YOUR SOUL. not your moms… not your dads… its yours. believe what your heart tells you to believe. if your heart isnt your parents religion…then its not.

go where your heart takes you. faith is meant to bring you comfort, not stress or disbelief. you need to believe what your heart is telling you to believe in. what religion is right for our parents may not be right for us. and vice versa.

I used to be a roman catholic… but when I turned 18, I converted to Unitarian Universalism. …my parents werent completly shocked… they knew that I didnt believe in roman catholicism one bit… it WASENT doing it for me spiritually. why would I spend my life doing something I do not believe in…something that brings me no comfort?

they key is convincing them. you cant just go to them with a weak arguement and expect them to let you change… you need to be sure of yourself, and have a valid arguement to pose to them.

…and at the end of the day, your soul is YOURS. they cannot force you to believe anything.

I personally think that all of the sects of conservative christianity are very close-minded and controlling. make sure you know what your getting yourself into… and that your not being naively manipulated by some preacher throwing a bible at you.

its pathetic. …I love jesus… but people really ruin it…

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