What religion would my child follow?

I am catholic, but I am attractive to a muslim guy. I would like to know if we both have a child, what religion would the child follow? Anyone who has been in a similar situation, please help…


Answer #1

my dad is roman catholic, my mom is muslim. I am an atheist

Answer #2

for compromise…how about you both convert to judaism.

Answer #3

Religion is either:

  1. Accident of birth
  2. The universal truth which is the ONLY truth, all others are burning in hell (or depending on your belief system, not).

It’s a matter of faith. According to Islam, you’d have to convert and the children would be muslim.

Since Catholicism is older…according to that religion, it’s the only true and correct one, and the bible says that Jesus is the last prophet until he comes again (convenient, I know)…so, Islam CAN’T be right, per any god fearing christian derived faith..meaning, your religion HAS to be right.

Answer #4

you should convert to islam for a while and if you dont ike it then keep on tring because if we dont all comprimase then what would be the point in life

Answer #5

It would depend on how you raised the child. And even then your kid could change his mind and follow a different religion. But I believe that religion is generally passed down on the mother’s side. So you would have a few choices. The child could be half catholic and half muslim (I would think that to be harder to pull off), catholic, muslim, or whatever one the child chooses. It depends on how you raise them.

Answer #6

your child will grow up and choose his/her own religion. weather they want to be catholic or muslim is their choice. or even something completely different.

if you had a child with a catholic man, theres no certainty that your child will grow up and stay catholic.

personally I think religions separate us to much.

Answer #7

lol. utopia.

It depends. How about exposing the child to both worlds and then let him make up his mind about which religion he wants to follow (and whether he wants to follow one).

I know one or two couples who are hindi/Christian and for some reason the children always gets raised according to Christian beliefs.

But it should be a compromise. Also why are you worrying about this unless you are practically married to him already?

Answer #8


you should convert to islam for a while and if you dont ike it then keep on tring because if we dont all comprimase then what would be the point in life

oh, you made my day. you apparently dont know the meaning of compromise. so why shouldnt the guy try being catholic for a while?

you really need to discuss this with the guy. and you’re getting a bit ahead of yourself. are you even dating?

Answer #9

Let the child chose for himself. You shouldn’t force any religion. Also, why would you risk your friendship with God for a man? Think about it. He will try to turn to you be a muslim, now don’t get offended because any religion would try to get you to follow their religion so I’m just saying.

Answer #10

Islam is a hyper-male oriented religion. Even if your would-be-husband is not religious and you are, he will most likely try to force your children to be Muslim no matter what he says before you marry. Once married, Islamic culture considers the wife to be the property of the male, and the children as well.

Unless he formally denounces Islam and is (the muslim equivalent of) excommunicated, I would not even consider marrying him unless you’re ok with all this.

Answer #11

I have a friend whos father is muslim but her mother is not. Her mother did not convert to Islam and the children were raised understanding Islam but they were free to choose for themselves whether they wanted to follow it. They are all very happy and its never been a problem for any of them. My friend made the decision herself to follow Islam without any pressure from either of her parents.

Answer #12

raise the kids teaching them both, the christian and muslim beliefs. then let them choose once they are spiritual enough. the idea is to be open minded. no religion is wrong. all are right in their own ways.

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