Where do you assemble with the saints on the first day of the week?

Where do you assemble with the saints on the first day of the week?

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Orion, Send me a new invitation to be your friend. I must have clicked the wrong URL and stopped. —King Tutt

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Hi, I, too, do not see anything wrong with worshipping on Sunday, but God’s Ten Commandments (the fourth one) says to worship on Saturday, the 7th day. Jesus says “If you love Me, keep My commandments” I love Him and desire to do as He has commanded us to do.

The calendar was changed only one time when they changed the fifth day to the fifteenth. This change kept the days of the week the same, but only took 10 days out.

Sabbath begins sundown Friday even, and ends Saturday at sundown; according to the fourth commandment.

Every quarter we have the foot washing ceremony, as God said to do. The women and men meet separately to wash each other’s feet. This is a symbolic ceremony of when Jesus washed the deciple’s feet.

We have a pastor who preaches at two churches, one in the morning and then in the afternoon as soon as he is done at one church he goes to the other to preach. Although we have what is called: Elders and deacons, which preach, and do very well.

I hope this helps. I am honored that you asked me about my religion. We are a humble people who do not wear jewelry, and very little makeup. We are modest in our dress; our appearance.

Most of our church members follow a health message that Ellen G. White wrote about, which is a vegetarian diet, and some of us (me included) are vegens, which is a vegetarian, but we choose to not eat any dairy or eggs; nothing from an animal. This diet is the original diet that God put in place while here on earth. It is by far the most healthiest diet to follow. If you are interested in this, I could answer any questions you may have.

We truly love every one, and do not judge anyone, but if we see that they are interest as you are, we answer their questions and guide them to our sites for more information.

Our church follows the Bible and the Bible only.Here are a few sites you can go to to learn more about out beliefs, ceremonies, our doctrine: AmazingFacts.Com; 3ABN.com, HereWeStand.com. Mr. Doug Batchelor is an outstanding preacher/evangelist. I think if you type in; Batchelor you may find more information.

Bibleinfo.com is a site that offers answers, and has; I’m guessing about 50 different question, such as “Death”, “Second Coming”, “Angels” , “ Sabbath” “Antichrist” “Last Days” , “Prophecy” and many more. If you click on “Bible Topics” at the top, it’ll take you to all the questions.

Please tune in on Sabbath morning; actually you can tune in on Friday even at sundown because there is a sermon then too. 3ABN is on the air through the day, and I believe it is on 24/7, but I am not sure.

Keep your eyes on Jesus and you will be blessed abundantly. LIve for Him and for Him alone. Do as He has commanded us to do and you can’t go wrong.

I hope I have answer your question, if you desire to ask more, I will do my best to answer your concerns. I hope you take advantage of these site, and that you will enjoy them.

Answer #3

Lillie, Can you give me chapter and verse in Matthew?

Do you know about Apoligetics? I have a cousin that told me to search there and I found some comments that appear to be made by 7th Day Adventist on the subject of the Sabbath.

Answer #4

The commandments are also in Matthew, at least I read several there. God bless

Answer #5

To orion’s mom, After I wrote the above remark, I found your message the Lillie had passed to be with Jesus and His Father. I am so sorry and I think that I know how you must feel–I lost two sisters and two brothers who had cancer. Now I am am all alone except some cousins and nephews/neices, who I rarely see.. I remember the good times and forget the bad ones. I hope you can too, and I believe you can. Sincerely, King Tutt

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Lillie, sorry about that. I have never sent a picture before and I must have missed a step. I’ll try again.

I hope it worked this time.

Are you sure you want to see this 86 year old tired and retired person?

Answer #7

kingtutt, ok, so…where is the picture?

Answer #8

Hello kingtutt:

I am sorry that I have not gotton back to you; this is a busy time of year with fall coming plants need to be taken care of; freezing foods, canning and so on.

You asked how often do we have Communion. Since the Bible doesn’t say when or how often to wash each other’s feet, so we do it every quarter.

We believe that Jesus Christ is God in the flesh; they are one and the same, so when we pray we pray to either God or Jesus because they are the same.

The musical instruments question; I think making music with instruments is a good, a blessed thing as long as it is done tastefully. Not rock and roll, no shouting and jumping around, but a pleasant, respectful worship music. In our church we enjoy a piano and organ accompaniment. And sometimes someone with a guitar or harp plays, but it is worshipful music that God would be honored by.

Again I am truly sorry that I have not gotten back to you.

If you have anymore questions, please ask away.

Your friend in Christ,


Answer #9

Well you asked for it. The 86 years tired & retired guy.

Answer #10


I am not sure where they would be in the Bible, sorry.

If you find them in new testament I would like to have them too; would you please send me the information?

Do you have a picture of yourself? It would be nice to see whom I am talking with.

Thanks, your friend,


Answer #11

Yeah! Me too ! So far I see that your congregation is following the Holy Bible in your worship according to my reading of the scriptures.

Has anyone made a list of all of the commandments that appear in the New Testament? If so, it would save me a lot of time looking for them.

Answer #12

Orion, I have been waiting to hear from you. Is this another busy time? if so I understand. My computer moved our conversations into archive and I just found it so I could contact you again. I am working on the NT commandments. Some are given to the twelve and can also apply to us, some cannot apply to us–doing miracles, etc. There are a lot that are given thru Paul, the Apostle to the Gentiles. How is your school work going? I think you are an excellent student. Did I tell you that I cannot find in the NT where a musical intrument is used in the worship services?
I hope you didn’t see a person that you would not like to discuss religion when you looked at my photo. I’m a southern gentleman–not a bad one either.

Answer #13

Hello again kingtutt:

The reason people are baptized, is for their repentance of their sins (done prior), acceptance of Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour, and to pledge themselves as God’s child forevermore.

The Adventist believe in submersion while baptizing; the same way Jesus was; He is our Example.

His way or no way. :o)

Answer #14

Orion, I received your email that explained how often you remember the last supper.

When a person confesses that Jesus the Christ in the son of God, is that person baptised for the remission of sins as the Holy Spirit instructed Paul to write?

Answer #15

kingtutt, yes it is also the bread and “wine” which is grape juice. This Sabbath we had our Communion with the foot washing and bread and wine.

Have you checked out any Adventist Churches in your area? I hope you will plan on going soon.

Answer #16

Usually we do have a pastor on Sabbath, Saturday, but sometimes we have a guest speaker or an elder will speak.

If you have an Adventist Church in your area, why don’t you attend one Sabbath. I think you’ll like it. You will also have a chance to ask question.

Answer #17

Orion, Thanks. I’ll check these out. I answered a Witch’s questions yesterday but I don’t think it got to her and I am going to try again tonight, I didn’t keep a copy so I’ll have to start over. She may have stopped messages from me. We’ll talk later.

Answer #18

Orion, I haven’t received an answere to my last communication. I don’t like to consult any source about what the bible says for me to do, but I would like to know what others do to worship God thru christ. Please answer.

Answer #19

orion: I don’t see anything wrong with meeting on Saturday as long as you meet every seventh day. We don’t know when the seventh day is anymore as the calendar has been tampered with so many times.

Of what does your worship service consist?

Answer #20

Orion, (lillie), Thank you for your answers. I see that your congregation does worship and is not a place for people to be entertained. Good for you. Did you mean that you have the foot washing quarterly or is it bread & wine “… as often … “ done quarterly?

Answer #21

Orion, Thank you for your answer. I would like to know what to expect bfore I attend any group.
I was asked to drive an elderly man to a meeting several years ago. I drove him and the meeting turned out to be local political party meeting. Someone saw me and I got labeled as a member of that party. How often do you have the bread & wine in remenberance of Jesus the Christ? Do you pray directly to God or do you go thru Christ the mediator? I understand that we are to made melody in our hearts. Does this mean that we are to sing praises to God withou using a musical instrument?

Answer #22

Hi Orion, I had company last nit and didn’t get to answer the witch. I think I have let her know about Jesus the Christ and she is only arguing. I think I’ll let her alone.

About the calendar, yes you are correct that the changes in the Julian calendar did not change the order of the days of the week. I guess I was thinking of when the first wrriten calendar came into existance.

Do you have a pastor or preacher to give a sermon at your service on Saturday?

Answer #23

Orion, Did you get the photo the second time?

Answer #24

Hey! It worked; you came thru loud and clear. Thanks for the picture. Now I can put a face to the email, thank you, Lillie

Answer #25

Yes, I would very much like to “meet” you in photo. :o)

Answer #26

I have not heard from you for awhile. Kinda was enjoying our “talks”

Answer #27

I meet for church on the 7th day of the week, Saturday, as directed in the ten commandments.

Answer #28

OK, It will take me some time to find the commandments.

Do you really want to see this old 86 year old person?

Answer #29

Orion, Did you get my photo? I have been waiting to find out if you got the picture.

Also, I got another invitation to be your friend. Do I need to reply to the new invite?

If you did not get the photo, I’il keep trying.

I’m working on the list of commandments that Jesus the Christ gave plus those that the Holy Spirit gave to the Apostles.

Answer #30

Orion, I sent another picture. Maybe it did not go thru, too. Let me know and I’ll try again.

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