Would it be worrisome that the largest increasing age group is now 65 and up in the United States?

Answer #1

With so many teens having babies no.

Answer #2

no thats sweet bcus were living longer

Answer #3

Yes, for a lot of reasons.

Answer #4

The U.S. has nothing to worry about because of the immigrant population and because this immigrant population is still producing babies. And teen pregnancy is not on the rise (and is besides the point). While the aging population is seriously crippling a lot of economies in developed nations, unless the U.S. restricts immigration it has nothing to worry about.

Answer #5

It’s not surprising. As countries develop better health care, the infant mortality rate declines and people also live longer. You can see this in most Western countries, Japan, etc. I’d say it’s a good sign, although there are a lot of issues with an aging population such as how to financially support them and also provide medical care for them. However, the U.S. birth rate is the highest it’s been in 45 years. I think it’s over 2 children per family, which is much higher than the rest of the “developed” world. It’s all interesting when you compare it with a country like Afghanistan, whose birth rate is over 5 children/mother, and where almost half the population is under the age of 14.

Answer #6

I think the biggest problems the US, and even Canada is facing now, is that all our Baby Boomers are reaching age of retirement. That means a lot of money going out to pay pensions etc., which in the end, costs the taxpayers. Yes, our birth rates are on the rise, but it will be many years before the children we are having now reach an age where their employment and taxes can help level out the cost of pensioning off our retirees.

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