World government your thoughts


Whats the best way toward world government the people having the right to vote to be apart of it or not?

The other done in secracy which is how it seems to be happening right now?

The one I like no government at all and all are free to practice their ecnomic beliefs freely without coercian.

Welll your thought on the Globalist movement?

Answer #1

I have only one thought: Frightening !

Answer #2

I just wish the government wasn’t so secretive about most of its projects. also, I wish the whole idea didn’t revolve around money because money isn’t everything. we have to have some form of government, or else it would be chaos. there would be no rules/laws, and therefore, we’d be in worse shape because there would be so much more crime.

Answer #3

If a world government becomes tyrannical, you can’t leave to escape it. So, a world government poses too much risk to be worth a chance regardless of how great it might sound.

Answer #4

There are so many different cultures, nations and regions, I’m not sure if a total world government could exist at this point and be effective. Different nations with different cultures and needs would be difficult to govern by a world government. Each would still have to have some sort of autonomy to address those needs and requirements. And even if it could I agree with toadaly on this one.

Answer #5

Enslavement of everyone that isn’t considered “Rich Elite”.

Bad news for the regular person.

Getting the RFID chip as a standard for currency is the worst thing possible, due to hackers, and the ability for the Elite Groups to shut off your chip, and leave you stranded, nameless, IDless, moneyless, and open to be called a Terrorist. Where you’d get detained indefinitely without a trial or any information as to what happened to you, being released to your family, friends, or loved ones.

It gives too much power to few people.

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