Which will be a world superpower first? China, or India?

Which do you think will become a world superpower first—China or India? I’m voting for China. I don’t think the socialist state of India will become a superpower due to the problems within its system of government.

Answer #1

As far as I’m concerned China is already a superpower. Presently they do not use there might to push around the rest of the world like the US does but if they wanted to they could. China could wreak havoc on our ecomony by just not buying our debt. We are already at their mercy.

Answer #2

Neither will become a superpower for at least another half-century, which gives India plenty of time to catch up with China. But before that happens, China needs to become a democracy and India needs to eliminate its rampant poverty and corruptio which are keeping it from progressing into a superpower.

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