Heres a thought no government and direct democracy

Have you ever asked your self whats the point of government. I do and whats the point in having a boss at work cant people come together and decide for themselves. Anarchy=direct democracy the comunity come together to deal with issues of the community a more if you dont like the decisions being made you dont have to obey um so no ones forced into a system they dont want to be a part of To some it up what do you think about the idea of direct democracy instead of a representative democracy?

Answer #1

the idea behind representative democracy, is that you elect representatives that are better informed and can make wiser decisions.

That all sounds good, but in reality they just end up trying to use tax money to buy influence through legislation that benefits only targetted groups. So in reality representative democracy does not achieve its theoretical purpose.

Direct democracy results in better legislation rather than worse.

Answer #2

what do you do when people who don’t like said rules, stay within the city, and disobey said rules, and run off? Wats your arguement? “I’m sorry he killed your husband…but I can’t exactly MAKE him follow the rules if he doesn’t like them”

sorry, it doesn’t work that way anymore.

We need a government to stay organized, and to keep eachother safe from stupid/ignorant/crazy people, whether it be inside our borders, or out.

The federal government system works for us. Whether you think so or not, you have a roof over your head, clothes on your back, and food in your fridge. you also don’t have to worry about people who happen to “see” your sh*t lying there, and decide to just “borrow without asking” and not see justice.

The world has tried democracy, tried to have a republic, an absolute monarchy, dynasty monarchy, hell, even anarchy a LOOONG time ago. None of it works.

The best way WE can keep ourselves as safe as we can, as long as we can, is with a Federal government system. The U.S. of A. is what it is. don’t sit there trying to be a revolutionary when we don’t need a revolution. No offense, but I see it way too often for me to tolerate it anymore.

Hope I helped


Answer #3

Limited Government is necessary and no boss at work would = no profit made because the decision makers (workers) decided they’d like a work 1, be off 7, get paid for 8, schedule, LOL

Answer #4

Human nature doesn’t work that way…All it takes is a couple bad apples…


Answer #5

hmm yes… that’s going to work… because people have nothing better to do with their time then to sit around and discuss politics and policy…

just to add to that, yes the Greeks used to do it centuries ago, but they had the rich who had plenty of free time to sit around and do this stuff… they didnt have to earn a living

Answer #6

IMO, direct democracy has two major problems:

  • Even less cohesive than representative democracy. Chances are high that people would simultaneously vote for lower taxes and more spending (because both are great, right?), bankrupting their government.
  • More leverage for people attempting to mislead. When representatives don’t always read the bills they vote on, and voters don’t always read the actual text of what they’re voting on (see all the scaremongering around Prop 8, for example), how well do you expect people to fare with many times as many bills and mostly partisan information to go on?
Answer #7

Direct democracy, like socialism, works very well on a local scale. On a larger, national scale, I am less certain. Taking the pragmatic view, I don’t like it. The average representative doesn’t take the time to read every piece of legislation that comes up for a vote, or to educate themselves on the issues relating to it. What makes you think the average citizen would?

On the contrary, one drawback of direct democracy on a national scale was, how do you get people from across the country to deliberate on legislation? These days, the virtual, electronic world is the answer. Look at this website, and the millions of others like it. There is substantial deliberation, and the Obama campaign has shown the power of the internet in mobilizing democratic participation. I do think the internet provides a powerful tool that would bring huge benefits to a direct democracy.

Answer #8

Anarchy and socialism both look good on paper, even communism is an acceptable, though mindless form of government that looks great on paper. But none work in reality. Those countries who have socialistic health care suck in practice. Those who can afford it buy insurance so they do not have to participate in the public health care system. Australia, England, Sweden - doesn’t work, and their taxes are outrageous to support this type of system. Sweden its fifty percent tax. Australia sixty eight percent. Have a friend who tried to set an appointment with a doctor within the socialist system. You can see him in nine months.

We require government to protect us inside and outside our borders, we need a common fund to build our infrastructure, our roads, our bridges, maintain a military, and as wasteful as it sometimes is our providing of foreign aid.

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