One World Government

Do you think that would work out alright? If we had a one world government?

Answer #1

I don’t think so. It’s bad enough as it is just how it is right now. We don’t need an “all powerful” government. It would cimply get corrupt and we would gain nothing.

Answer #2

No, such a government would be impossible to set up, or would fail miserably. Since I live in Europe, I look at the European Union as a model for unified government on a global scale. And despite the relative strength of the Euro and the fact that the EU has reduced the potential for war on the continent, it’s having serious problems and there is considerable backlash against it. European populations have rejected constitutions, regionalism and nationalism are on the rise, and the Euro is the scapegoat for many of the continent’s economic woes.

So if the UK, France, Germany, Italy, and the rest are having problems setting up a united government, can you imagine what would happen if the US, Japan, China, India, Russia, Brazil, Australia, etc. tried to do the same?

Answer #3

No. There are too many different cultures with different values throughout the world for one-world government to be successful. The best that can be hoped for is lots of Regional governments where the values and interests of the particular region can be protected, improved and strengthened.

The regional governments could then work together to improve relations with each other and improve the viability of all countries in the world.

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Answer #4

I think eventually yes. But not in our lifetime, or even our children or grand children’s lifetimes.

Answer #5

It’d be a set up for constant civil war…


Answer #6

I think yes!

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