How to get Windows XP back on my system?

well I put windows vista on my computer and its to slow and I lost my windows xp disk. so how do I get windows xp back on my computer?

Answer #1

does your computer have a system recover function ???/

you can recover your computer by recover and it will reinstall your windows XP

Answer #2

No, there’s no way to “go back” to XP once you have Vista without a disk. When you install a new OS, you normally format the drive with the old OS on. As in, delete everything. The only way you can get XP back is by a) buying a new XP disk, or b) downloading XP and burning it to a bootable disk.

Answer #3

To get back to Windows XP you’ll need an XP disk - I don’t think there’s a built-in way to change it back once installed :( . The alternative might be to soup-up your computer a bit - more Ram can make a world of difference with Vista.

Answer #4

I’m not sure, but I’d run back to XP as fast as you can. Can you say, “Incompatible?”

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