How to get rid of a virus in Windows XP?

how do I take out a virus that is in the windows xp system? and if there would be a good program or a way that would not need any money it would be great!?

Answer #1

first install and run this program. . . . it’s free Run it. It will get rid of Viruses and other junk and can run with other antiviruses. after it is done install this program. . . It is also free After installing do a start up scan, this will take a while to run probably 30 min to an hour and you will need to sit with your computer to tell it what to do when it finds an infection. . . Be careful about deleting files in your windows systems files. . . .

Answer #2

Dear aln77, there are a lot of virus cleaning on line programs free on the INTERNET. Start with Microsoft site for their free programs. Once you have the viruses gone then install Avast…a free program on the INTERNET that works continually for you. Programs such as Spybot are good as a backup but you need a real time program to catch the virus before you get it. Remember if you operate a computer without knowledge just as you operate a car without lessons you’re sure to crash. A little reading goes a long way. Today there is no need to get a virus on you computer. Sue…good luck

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