How can I get my old IE8 back?

So, I downloaded IE9. I hate it. I don’t like the style or anything, I want IE8 back. So here’s the catch. I obviously went to the download page for IE8 on the microsoft website. But, I don’t know what operating system I have. When I checked my comp, all it says was ‘Version 6.1’ and that’s not listed.

It says stuff like, Windows Server 2003 64-Bit, Windows Vista, Windows 2008, I don’t know which one to download. I tried some but it says it doesn’t run on the operating system. When I got this laptop it came with IE8 already. I need it back

Answer #1

start - run - [type] dxdiag - hit ok and youll see:

current date/time computer name operating system <– what it says here is the version you download. etc etc

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