Will my cat attack my rabbit?

I recently got a bunny,and I have 2 small Kittens.And Im scared to let my bunny out because of the cats.((my bedroom door is weird,it like opens randomly)) Do you think my cats would attack my bunny? And if so,Is there anyway to keep it form happening? Like cna I get them to meet and now want to kill each other?

Answer #1

I have 2 cats and got a dog and I was afraid that they would fight.. what we did was hold the cat and put the dog next to you and let them sniff eachother pretty soon they will get used to eachother and u can let your rabbit roam around your house occansionaly they will get into a little spat but nothing that serious

Answer #2

I am a pet sitter and have several houses with unusual combinations and as long as they are introduced early they shouldn’t be a problem. Oddly enough I had cats who would kill squirrels outside but I had a pet squirrel inside and none of my cats ever bothered scout. as a matter of fact one of my cats mourned him terribly when he died. the main thing to worry about is that the bunny and kittens do not chew electrical cords! this is a terrible problem especially with some rabbits.

Answer #3

It will not attack it!! I have 6 cats and 2 bunnies, and everytime I let my 2 bunnies out they would all go and see, and they would smell it, and try to like hit it but they won’t, they just follow it and they try to find out like what the hell is that its not a cat!! and they would just follow every step the bunnys take, but after awhile they stop and when the bunnies come out they just stare..

Answer #4

will next door neighbour cat kill my rabbit

Answer #5

I think it’s best to introduce them early on in the piece- they might be a bit stand-offish towards each other, but I recommend you observe what happens. Your kittens might kind of adopt it as another, more weird looking kitten. On the other hand, they might think “PLAY!” and think your little bunny is a new personal plaything.

I’d be inclined to just put them in the same room and watch what happens. Stoke them all, let them know they’re safe, and neither needs to be a threat to the others. It helps just to get different animals accustomed to each other- in most occasions, they at least learn how to avoid each other if they don’t get along.

Answer #6

It could happen. Introduce them slowly and watch the cat when you let out the rabbit. They will get used to each other.

Answer #7

you might find that the opposite happens; I was worried about introducing my baby rabbit to my old cat and I thought my cat might attack him but once I introduced them, it turned out that my rabbit actually attacked my cat and he chases the cat until the poor thing runs away scared. If I were you I would be cautious and watch them carefully, but I would still try and introduce them instead of being scared to do so because you never know, they might even become friends :) if your kittens do attack, you have to remember kittens are very playful and they’ll attack your own hand when they want to, they probably wont hurt the rabbit and if you see them attacking the rabbit, take the rabbit away and make sure they know it was a bad thing to do - gently and positively of course. keep meetings to 5 mins and every time they do something to the rabbit that you don’t like, let the kittens know they’re being bad. - they will soon learn that the rabbit is not a play toy and will get used to the rabbits presence.

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