Will next doors cat attack my rabbit

I have a rabbit that is about 3 years old that every now and then we let have a run around in the garden but next door have 2 cats that keep coming over the fence should I be concerned as everytime I check on the rabbit there is a cat in the garden staring at it and im finding myself having to shoo the cat away and then having to put the rabbit away, I just wondered if the cats would harm the rabbit???

Answer #1

Its not fair on the animal to confine the cat indoors, its not natural… its a stupid law. There are always cats in our garden… I don’t see the big deal.

Answer #2

Well usually cats will be curious about rabbits, but will not actually harm them, because rabbits are quite big, especially from a cats perspective. But I have a rabbit and two cats… and my big cat is afraid to go near my rabbit, but my little cat is curious, and can get a bit close at time, but my rabbit would be sure to kick if they came too close.

But, I keep my rabbit in a metal run, to keep him safe, and because he would escape from our garden if we let him run free.

Ichibanarky… you can’t exactly stop your cat going onto someone else’s property, you can’t “tell them not to”…

Answer #3

youcancallmejess, I’m aware you can’t keep the cat off the property - it’s the pet owner’s responsibility to ensure their cat doesn’t leave their yard. It is a law.

Cats should remain indoors for many reasons.

Answer #4

It’s in a cat’s natural instinct to hunt.

Many cats are just curious, and will try to play with the rabbit, but never underestimate a cat’s nature.

You should have a talk with your neighbours about their cat being on your property…there are laws against that.

Answer #5

Cats hunt, Bunny prey

easy answer.

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