My cat brought in a baby rabbit!

Okay so my cat just brought in a baby rabbit. It is smaller then my hand, and I have small hands. Does anyone know what to do for it? Food, Housing, anything! Please help!

Answer #1

make a little bed out of newpaper and old towels!! go to the pet store and buy bunny/rabbit food for it!! If it becomes too big of a responsability for you then give it to a sheltor!!

Answer #2

Well, domesticated or wild, you’d to the same for any baby bunny…

Unfortunately, I don’t know what that is…is it old enough to eat pellets? Does it have hair?

Your cat must know where the nest is now…maybe you’d better get ready for more…:)


Answer #3

I have a Bunny :] Im not so sure that caring for a wild rabbit is really that smart,as it could carry diseases,and you dont know how old it is,ect. My bunny eats bunny food,like the kind you buy at the store.Also Timothy Hay,he Loves that stuff. As for housing,for an outdoor rabbit,you cna buy or make hutches [[google that]] Or for indoor,a simple cage is good. They poop a lot,just letting you know. lol.

Answer #4

I already have a house rabbit. Ha I have for about 3 years now, so I know how to take care of them. I was just wondering what to do for a wild rabbit.

Answer #5

You know. . . it could of been worse. . . .See picture. . .

Answer #6

I don’t know about your question.but…

your hot!!!

Answer #7

go to your local pet store and ask them or you can ask a vet

Answer #8

ask the vet. it sounds like it would still be nursing.

Answer #9

You may want to take it wih you to the pet store or Vet And ask a few questions and make sure it’s healthy. . .

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