Bill O'Reilly explaining US policy to Europe?

So Bill O’Reilly had Kinky Friedman on his show, who recently completed a successful tour in Europe, and was asking Friedman about his impression of European views toward the US.

O’Reilly said he’d like to go to Europe and give the people some “no-spin” on things like the Iraq war.

Would such a visit by O’Reilly: A) cause Europeans to change their perspectives and stand unabashedly behind the US on the Iraq war issue and all other issues? B) never actually happen because his entry into the EU would be refused? C) result in war with France, the nation which Bill O’Reilly encouraged Americans to boycott? D) cause the number of his burning effigies to surpass that of Bush? E) result in his own death at the hands of crowds angered over recent football matches and looking for a place to vent their rage? F) result in the cancellation of his show after he realizes how poorly his reactionary views are received?

Answer #1

No one in Europe is dumb enough to listen to his “no spin” spin. You have to have an American education to be that dumb.

Answer #2

I pick C and D but E would bring in high ratings. Maybe he could go during sweeps week. :)

Answer #3

I go for “F”. I think that the great answer.

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