Why won't my eyes stop watering???

This past week my eyes have been wicked watery non stop. I mean its real bad like every few seconds I have water running down the sides of my face. It’s more on my left eye. Also I have burning. I do wear glasses and I have astigmatism,I don’t know if there just really dry or if im allergic to something. This is the 1st time I’ve had this problem. Oh and btw I dont wear make up a lot anymore so I know it’s not that. Lol but please,any advice is appreciated. Thanks. =]

Answer #1

I have this EXACT problem, mostly left eye with astigmatism.. water down my face every second. I believe it is because of certain eyeliners/masceras I use.

Answer #2

I have this exact problem, its on my left eye and I even have astigmatism. my eyes water nonstop down my face. I believe its my eyeliner because when I wear certain makeup, this doesn’t happen.

Answer #3

Your Eyes Probably Water Because They Either Have An Eye Infection (Conjuntivitus) Or Sometimes Wind Goes Into Them. If Its Because Of The Wind Just Keep Blinking. If You Do Have An Infection Just Go To Your Doctor And Be Subscibed With A Perscription. Hope This Helps :) Jess

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