Why do people put hot sauce in their fridge?

WHy do people put hot sauce in there fridge (defeats the purpose of hot sauce ya know)

Answer #1

I don’t know why anyone would want to put something cold on hot (just prepared, fresh outta the oven) food. Thats wierd.

Answer #2

I like this question :) I knew it was you who asked it before I even looked!

Answer #3

thats funny I don’t know either..I dont like it but just because it is called that doesnt mean it is supposed to be hot..it is hot as in spicey..lol

Answer #4

Hot sauce is spicy hot NOT temperature hot! Why why why do people ask stupid questions? ( ooh this bugs me )!!!

Answer #5

I put it in my fridge too, it’s supposed to be “spicey” hot not like the weather outside kind of hot lol

Answer #6

because it tastes better cold lol

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