hot sauce

is it possible to drink hot sauce I heard if you do your stomich will turn inside out

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Answer #2

It will not turn your stomach inside out however that large of an amount - you risk esophageal problems or damage to your stomach as your body is not meant to handle that large of a quantity

Answer #3

No, your stomach won’t turn inside out. Hot sauce is simply peppers dissolved in a liquid, usually vinegar. It can irritate your lips and mouth and stomach, and it can be painful when it passes out of your body. But nothing is going to be turned inside out.

Answer #4

It does speed up your metabolism, but you shouldn’t drink it. You can sprinkle it on your favorite foods. But no, it will NOT turn your stomach inside out.

Answer #5

Mmm I love hot sauce and anything spicy I defly don’t think your tummy can turn inside out frum hot sauce that’s impossible >_<

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