A lot of Hot Sauce

I eat a lot of spicy hot sauces like everyday, I heard eating a lot of hot sauce is bad for the health. Is that true? and if it is true, why?

Answer #1

its good because it can stimulate the junk like mukas in your nose and help release it and its not bad because it cant erode your stomach and if it did they wouldnt sell it in the first place so you dont have anything to worry about

Answer #2

Unless you have esophageal issues, then I don’t see how it could be bad for you. If it doesn’t bother you to eat it, then you’re fine!

Answer #3

hot sauce is good 4 you and wer did you hear that from. MY ANCESTORS HAVE BEEN EATN AND USING CHILE 4 A LONG TIME. so please continue eatn chile an ignore the commenters that tole you that.

Answer #4

you know health food is getting more expensive so whats bad for your health is good for your wallet as for hot sauce I doubt it it probally doesnt matter I mean like isnt good or bad

Answer #5

Hot Sauce is only negative if you have acid reflux issues. Each person has their own tolerance as no two bodies are really alike as far as tolerance and conditioning.

Should you have a pre-ulceric stomach, acid reflux issues such as constant heart burn or GERD - then it is ABSOLUTELY bad for you and should under no circumstances be ingested. However, if you are a healthy individual with non of the above issues, you will be fine.

Answer #6

It’s fine, good in fact.

Answer #7

Hot sauce is actually VERY good for you. Read up on it.

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