Why do people pick on you if you dress differently?

why do people pick on you if you dress diffrently?

Answer #1

yup they are deffinately jealous and very insecure be who you want to be its what will make you unique and being unique is great

Answer #2

I am really girlie-but then my makeup and hair looks emo–I get made fun of but I dont care because if people dont like who you are because of the way they dress,then you shouldnt care.People should like you for who you are!

Answer #3

Just remember, its not WHAT you wear, its HOW you wear it. Whatever you wear, wear it with confidence and your head held high. No one will even THINK about making fun of some wacky pants or shirt. You might even start a new trend!

Answer #4

You shouldn’t care if people pick on you. They just don’t have entertainment in their drab lives. So they pick on others to gain it. Those people shouldn’t bother you, they are judgemental and they shouldn’t even be saying anything in the first place. They have no right.

Answer #5

Because they are jerks. When I was growing up we never had the money for me or my sisters to be able to buy nice clothes or what we in style. That is one thing about being a teenager, no matter what you do little spoiled brats have nothing better to do than to pick on people. Easier said then done, but just try to ignore them. Get through school and try not to worry about what others say to you. :)

Answer #6

They are jealous because they secretly want to be like that but don’t have the balls.

Answer #7

because they are insecure and jealous that they cant be like you. and you have your own style

Answer #8

they want something you have they are jealous its like people picked on me because I different but be strong

Answer #9

Y do you care ? thats there opnion tell them to get over themselfs … there just Jelouthsis !(jell-ou-th-sss)

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