Why/ Is it true Lady Gaga is Freemason?

So many roomers saying shes a Freemason, although the group is exclusive to men? So I read, All these americans are getting paraniod that shes brainwashing people through her muisc?

wheres the evidence how do people know this

Answer #1

lmfao toadaly

Answer #2

seriously?? just like y2k? I mean the world totally ended in 2000 I don’t know what alternate universe you people are living in, but here, underground in my y2k fallout shelter I have never heard of this lady gaga or any brainwashing in pop songs. I know you must be writing from another planet because earth was destroyed in y2k. the computers just couldn’t keep up. I am currently using a rigged up toaster that I connected to a typewriter and it allows me to receive these signals from whatever planet you guys are on. GET AN F’n LIFE!!! it’s just music, if you like it dance, if not change the channel. PSYCHOS!!!

Answer #3

Every time a new ridiculous conspiracy theory surfaces, I always think, ‘There, that’s the last one. There can’t possibly be any more twisted constructs of tortured logic left to create.’ You have proven me wrong once again.

Let’s assume that the Freemasons DID accept women, which they don’t, and let’s assume the Freemasons, for whatever reason, wanted to brainwash people (instead of what they normally do, which is maintain a close fraternity of business contacts and smoke cigars. THEN let’s assume that they had the ability to control people’s thoughts. Do you really think that the best plan a group of supervillans with a mind-control ray could come up with would be ‘annoying she-male pop performer singing club music’?

The only people, Americans or no, who are getting paranoid about something so bat-crap insane are not people you need to be spending time with. Find new friends.

Answer #4

agreed with the above however, supposedly she’s illuminati(freemason being a branch of illuminati). but I’m not one to believe in rumors without supporting evidence I doubt she’s trying to brainwash anyone. Yes, her songs have a deeper meaning then what people hink when first listening to it, but I’ve yet to hear of anyone making any connections between her songs and masonry. She’s just trying to expand people’s minds, push them beyond average mundane norm

And I can’t say I really don’t blame Americans for being paranoid if one knows too much about the American government they usually either turn up missing or in the mental institution. There’s one guy(forget his name, I’m sure you can google it) who hacked into government websites. He’s now unallawed to use phones or Internet. My father served time in the military. His records are classified because he served in a war that “didn’t exist”. The government has thousands of secretes I’m sure, hundreds destroyed each day. It’s enough to make anyone a little on edge. Though I do agree, there are many who take it too far.

Answer #5

yeah and apprently madonna is freemason to and her song four minnuits is a pradiction to the end of the world

well apparently george bush was going to black mass


Answer #6

bangs head on desk

For the love of God…

The Illuminati was an 18th Century thinktank. The modern-day idea of the Illuminati was INVENTED BY TWO EDITORS FROM PLAYBOY. They never existed. Period.

Regarding Madonna, again, if you had the power to predict the end of the world, why the HELL would you announce it in a pop song? Please, PLEASE start thinking for yourself and stop passing on every ridiculous Internet rumor you hear.

Answer #7

There’s one guy(forget his name, I’m sure you can google it) who hacked into government websites. He’s now unallawed to use phones or Internet. My father served time in the military

That the guy with aspergers disease fighting extradition from the UK? Gary Mckinnon I think his name is

Answer #8

Yes. In spite of the fact that the Freemason’s are a men’s only fraternal organization, she is a member. Also, studies have shown that the best way to brainwash a population is by hiding the brainwashing in pop songs. It’s all part of a 3000 year conspiracy which leads to the end of the world in 2012.

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