Who thinks or knows if Lady Gaga is really a guy?

I heard this on the radio, and I do not know if this is true, what have yall heard?

Answer #1

It’s not true…that rumour has been going around for a couple of years now and there’s no merit to it. There was even a rumour going around for awhile that Megan Fox is a man…really - people have nothing better to do than start lies?

Answer #2

Go and watch Lady Gaga and Beyonce’s music clip for Telephone. LG wears the smallest, barely there g-string ever, the mtv music clip smashes the rumour of her having a pe-nis. Still thinks Lady Gaga is repulsive to look at but her songs are pretty good.

Answer #3

I would have to agree that she is no anything to look at, but I do like some of her songs, pretty upbeat.

Answer #4

I don’t think it’s true.Its just a silly rumor. I’m not sure but maybe because there was a photoshoot session for a magazines cover where Lady Gaga dressed up like a man from top to the bottom. She looked handsome and looked like a real man. It took sometime for me to believe that he was Lady Gaga. Just google it if you wanna see how she looks… So perhaps that’s why that rumor bob up

Answer #5

she is not a man, she is a hermaphrodite, she was born with both, but decided to keep her v@gina i read it in this interview with her confirming it, but someon could have just made it up, but that just what i read

Answer #6

Cant believe everything you hear!

first off, her real name is: Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta She is a woman not a man.

she is a girl that had many issues because she always felt different..was actually born & NYC & had to struggle to make it happen for her!

Google her for more info.

Answer #7

I doubt that is true. :/

Answer #8

why? i kindof do but it in the back of my mind i kindof beleive it, cuz it wouldnt be inpossible

Answer #9

if you want real proof from the horses mouth and not what you read then watch this video on youtubejust type this —>Lady GaGa - Interview with Barbara Walters on 20/20 hear what she has to say!

Hope this clarifies anything from the back or the front of your mind.

Answer #10

Don’t really know, and don’t really care, her songs do kinda rock :)

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