Lady GaGa's Real Name

Heyy, what is Lady GaGa’s real name?? Idunno, just curious~

Answer #1

Stephanie Hermanota [n0t sure oF the spelling]

Answer #2

Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta

Answer #3

stefani joanne angelina germanotta

Answer #4

if you got if from wikipedia its probably not true

Answer #5

Joanne Stefani Germanotta. I got it from her “The Fame” booklet with the lyrics in it, so it has to be true. She used Stefani because she obviously liked that name more than Joanne.

Answer #6

Its Joanne Stefani Germanotta. It’s in her “The Fame” lyrical booklet.

Answer #7
Answer #8


Answer #9


Answer #10

Stefani Germanotta just incase you kids didnt get it the first 3 times

Answer #11

Stefani Germanotta

Answer #12

Stefani Joanne Germanotta

Answer #13

Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta

Answer #14

Wikipedia is actually really accurate and people tell you it is fake because it gives true information… And apparently none of you use accurate sources anyways considering you all have about 10 spelling and grammar errors in your 2 sentence answers…

Answer #15

Maybe she has two middle names because she is Christian and chose the second name for her Confirmation name. I chose Sophia:)

Answer #16

it is stefani gabriella joanne germanotta it is so weird how she has two middle names and just in case you are wondering where I got the answer its from her fan site I read her biography and it is definately not from wikipedia b because most of all of that is fake so I never go there! !

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