Why is it bad if you keep driving when you need an oil change?

Ok I'm supposed to drive about 2 hrs and is it bad if I drive when my thing has said to get an oil change for about 3 weeks?

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Lol what a load of bull. The "your transmission will fail" is the best. It's engine oil not transmission oil. It takes 30,000-60,000 miles before sludge and serious engine damage begins. Nothing magical happens after 3,000 miles (fake amount of time to change your oil) or 10,000 miles (typical recommended time to change your oil) the moment that light comes on. The oil change light is basically hooked up to your odometer, with a couple minor adjustments. It does not measure anything in the oil. The car maker is merely playing it safe by having you change it a long time before problems even barely start, because the problems can't be reversed.

Change your oil as soon as it's convenient. Keep driving normally, and don't worry. While you're at it open up your car owner's manual and check out the "scheduled maintenance" section. Never in my entire life have I heard of someone stuck on the side of the road or having an engine damage because he didn't change his oil. Thermostats, coolant, belts, hoses, brake pads, batteries, etc are a WHOLE other story. Ignoring them causes overheats, squeling, squeeking, busted brake rotors, and yeah broken transmissions because some people haven't changed their transmission oil since they bought the car. Oh, and I've heard of breakdowns because a quick oil change place did a bad job and made the cars leak all their oil. That's the only problem I've heard of even remotely related to an oil change. So crack open the manual and learn how to actually take care of your car. Beware of oil change places trying to scam you with fake maintenance like fluid changes more often than you need or extra fluid flushes you don't need at all.

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p21mct - failure to change the oil results in sludge, which, in case you don't know, is too thick to properly coat the engine parts and even contains a lot of dirt that can get trapped in the oil filter.

Do you know what happens when your oil is dirty? It stops lubricating.
Do you know what happens when an engine doesn't lubricate? It seizes.
Do you know what happens when your engine seizes? You need to pay anywhere from $3000 to $7000 to repair it, or get a new car.

We're not talking about her driving her car a few extra miles when her oil light came on...it has been on for 3 weeks already. If the oil light comes on, it's already overdue for an oil change.

I should know...I just went through this and had to buy a new car.

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lol you wont ruin your transmission if you need your engine oil changed... personally I highly doubt your cars gonna die if you dont change your oil right when it says 2.. and I doubt a 2 hour drive will hurt it too much but if your worried like a lot of people go get it done

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Get it done NOW!!!
I was supposed to get an oil change, I had my coupon and everything, and something came up, and had to take a friend's mom to the mountains (about 40 miles) and my car broke down... they think I may have blown the engine :(
My advice is get it done.. you can find coupons for Jiffy Lube and if you go in early you get a discount. :)

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You can ruin your transmission...

Get the oil change, asap - it's better to pay $30 than $3000

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erm, yeah... get it done now, tonight.

I change my oil every 1000 miles

Sugar or salt may have been put in gas tank.

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What is the "thing" that says you need your oil changed? If its the oil light, you are LOW on oil and yes for God sake, go put a couple of quarts in.

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