Why is it a bad thing to love being fat?

I been fat all my life & I love it I love being fat I love to eat just so ill gain more weight why do some people have a problem with that atleast I like myself not like most fat people I love being fat so the question is why do people have have a problem with me & my body & my eatting habits?

Answer #1

I agree moe214

Answer #2

I definetly agree with the top.. its alite to love your weight to love who you are- its no problem. and honestly others should be like you!! ^_^ to be happy and comfortable with their weight.. now the thought of eating more food to gain more weight.. that dont sound liek the best choice you can do fer urself.. doesnt mean you love bein fat- that you should add more weight because sometimes dependin what you can eat can give you health/problmes in the future.. you know? and maybe they have a problem because they care about you and know more! hope I helped ya !!! gud luckz :)

Answer #3

It’s okay to be comfortable with your weight and the way you look–as long as you’re healthy. You don’t want to gain too much weight to where you’re at risk of health problems later on down the road. But as long as you’re happy and healthy, don’t worry about what people say about you or your weight. Cute name by the way :)

Answer #4

Love who you are but when what you are doing is adding to future problems, then its time to be careful. With added weight comes diseases that aren’t fun and can potentially kill. Heart issues, diabetes, high blood pressure, back issues, swollen feet and hands, headaches just to name a few.

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